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What Happened to Rachael?

A few of our most dedicated readers of the website have noticed -- the list of Original Artists has been reduced from five to four. So, what happened to Rachael Perry? "After much consideration", Rachael sent us this beautiful letter of resignation.


To whom it concerns,

I am writing to withdraw my participation in Rebuilding East 9th as I am no longer a resident of East Lawrence. As a community-based artist, my work is created with those around me, in collaboration and through shared experience. In December of 2015, when the original East 9th Street Project contract was signed, I was living in East Lawrence. I am now creating art and shared experiences in Eugene, Oregon. I believe the Rebuilding East 9th project would be better served by an East Lawrence artist.

I wish to thank the incredible residents of East Lawrence, the East 9thing Street Project artists, City of Lawrence, Lawrence Arts Center, and East Lawrence Neighborhood Association.

Art for all,

Rachael Perry

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