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Rescheduled Events and Artist Notes 3/29/20

Songs & Stories

Caryn and Kelley are working remotely with their group of singers and writers to continue to work on their book and concert.

The Wild East Lawrence Walk for April 11th has been canceled. Instead, Ken Lassman will prepare a virtual walk (a podcast with pauses for walking or wheeling along) that people can download to go on their own Wild East Lawrence walk.

The Book Launch Concert has been rescheduled for June 14th, from 2-3:30pm at the Cider Gallery.

Homemade by Epicenter

The Epicenter Team is entertaining ideas about how to make their cookbook relevant and inclusive without the benefit of personal contact with the community at this time. Stay tuned to their Facebook page and website for details as they emerge.

East Lawrence Family Tree

The project has a Facebook page! Artists are still working on portraits and hope to share them with the public there. Right now, a final exhibition of the portraits is still scheduled to take place at Art Emergency on Friday April 24th. A celebratory potluck of artists and portrait subjects and the community will be scheduled for later in the year, date to be determined.

Nick Carswell’s Sounds of East Lawrence

Got an East Lawrence story to tell? Call the Sounds of East Lawrence hotline and leave a message to 785 330-5099. You can also make a recording on your personal device (please attempt to ensure sound quality) and email it to Nick at Some prompts:

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Tell us a story or a memory from your childhood in East Lawrence?

What is a place that is no longer there?

Your recordings will be collected and pinned to an interactive map of east Lawrence.

Jude Black’s Plastic Waste Sculpture

Jude is still collecting waste plastic for his sculpture. Collect items like pill bottles, drink caps, straws, plastic utensils, liquid detergent lids, and toothbrushes, that are too small or difficult to recycle. Collect these items and save them for Jude to make his sculpture later this spring or summer.

The Wishing Bench Film Project

The film has been edited, the sound has been mixed, and original music is being composed by Alex Kimball Williams and Mike Quillan. Marlo is working on the experimental film installations and sourcing material with help from the amazing team at the Watkins Museum of History. We will set a date for the film screening and installations when we have more updates on when public gatherings will again be permissible.

Art Box by Hang 12

The March 27th opening of the Art Box was postponed and rescheduled for June 26th. A location has been selected! The Art Box will live at 901 Pennsylvania St. The Hang 12 gang will let us all know details when they’re available.

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