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Rebuilding East Ninth Together Project Update -- 5/5/20

Like the talented creatives they are, many of our E9th artists have seamlessly transitioned their projects to digital, physically distant, and community supportive endeavors.  Here's an update on what they've been up to, and how you can help and participate.  Stay tuned as these and the other E9th projects continue to evolve and come to completion at the end of August.  

Artist Notes

Yarn It Forward Wanting to give to their community, and to help folks learn a new skill to stave off stay-at-home boredom, the Yarn It Forward crew has spent the last several weeks creating Learn to Crochet kits -- yarn, crochet hooks, and instructions -- and leaving them for free distribution at the Sunrise Project's (at 15th and Learnard) free shelf. They've made multiple rounds of kits, and they'd like to make more!  So if you've got yarn to donate to the project email Kim at to schedule a no-contact pick up or drop off.  Follow along with their adventures in yarn and find out more when they know more about their project's completion and potential future fundraisers, on their YIF social media Songs & Stories More Than Just a Neighborhood, Caryn and Kelley's 128-page anthology of poetry, stories, photography, and songs (including the beautiful cover by EL neighbor Tony Peterson), will be released June 14th. In lieu of a book launch concert on June 14th, a session with project participants sharing their songs and stories will be recorded and released.  Kelley will record a video of herself performing our original East Lawrence song.  More about that on the project website Meanwhile, you can go on a Wild East Lawrence walk with Ken Lassman by podcast. Listen to the podcast here, and view the route map here.

The Wishing Bench Film The Wishing Bench Film has been edited and the sound is mixed. An original soundtrack is being recorded by Alex Kimball Williams and Mike Quillan. Video projections are in process and we are are looking for any older photos of the area by the Wishing Bench (from 8th and Pennsylvania through 9th and Delaware, preferably from the 1950s-1980s). Please email Marlo at: if you have any photos you’d like to share for the project. Propagating Place Propagating place is breaking ground and planting!  The group would like to extend a thanks to Bon Bon for donating limestone and other supplies and garden materials.  We're working in the garden (at Hobbs Park north of 11th on Delaware) almost daily recently, so if anyone so desires a break from the news and the indoors and wants to lend a hand, we would more than welcome them and would find a way to safely social-distance.

Youth Corps Artist Jude Black Jude is using this stay at home time to work on his sculpture.  Keep collecting those waste plastics! (Remember, waste plastics are items like pill bottles and drink lids and other items too small to be recycled.) If you’re in east Lawrence and you’ve got a stash to pass along, email and we can arrange pick up.  Jude is still waiting for confirmation on his sculpture location, so if you’ve got leads, let him know at

Youth Corps Group Hang 12 Art Box The location for the ArtBox has been selected and will be housed at 901 Pennsylvania St. home of Byron James and Mick Palmer.  Our opening date has been moved to June 26th (the June Final Friday). We might have an online opening depending on the changes of the quarantine and coronavirus, but we are still hoping to have our community opening! Thank you for the opportunity to do this project!

Natives Now Lead artist Mona Cliff will continue to paint on the panels (getting closer to completion!). Mona would like to give a special thanks to Brad and KT Walsh for Hanging panels at the Dragon’s Hoard building at 1045 Pennsylvania St. Mona is assisted by Astrid, and new team member Gabby! Say hello (from 6Feet) if you see them painting.  Since the project deadline has been extended Mona will be looking for a few small areas to paint on, public or private building suggestions and info are welcome, please contact Mona at  Mona is looking to take advantage of the time extension and create a few small scale murals that reflect the theme of her project.  There has been great community enthusiasm and encouragement from  bike, foot and vehicle traffic.  Jamakee Blackburn and Steve Speck will be installing 2 of the 4 benches mid may.  The projection aspect of the project has been put on hold until social distancing guidelines have been lifted and Mona will be sharing projections late June in an environment that has public safety in mind. Please give a follow @spottedcloud on Instagram for all updates and progression of project.

Nick Carswell’s Sounds of East Lawrence

Got an East Lawrence story to tell?  Call the Sounds of East Lawrence hotline and leave a message to 785 330-5099.  You can also make a recording on your personal device (please attempt to ensure sound quality) and email it to Nick at  Some prompts: 

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Tell us a story or a memory from your childhood in East Lawrence?

What is a place that is no longer there? 

Your recordings will be collected and pinned to an interactive map of east Lawrence.  

Check out the Sounds of East Lawrence website here:

Plus, direct link to the map too:

For background information on the Project, and other materials, be sure to visit our website  

  • Mandy Enfield, Project Facilitator

  • Alex Olson, Lawrence Arts Center Coordinator,

  • Lane Eisenbart and KT Walsh, ELNA Coordinators,

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