Phase 1 Press Release

Press Release

***For Immediate Release

East Ninth Project Team

Lawrence, KS 66044

Contact: Mandy Enfield,

Phase One of East Ninth Project Underway

The East Ninth Project Team is proud to announce that Phase One of the East Ninth Project is underway. As outlined in the plan, “Rebuilding East Ninth Together”, the first phase of the process involves 3 Community Input Sessions. The “Rebuilding East Ninth Together” plan was created over several months by representatives from the Lawrence Arts Center, community members, and the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association, and outlines a path to a true community based public art project. Now, after a great deal of work to win the approval of the neighborhood and stakeholders, we are ready to move forward to the exciting part… the ART!

Please join us on the morning of December 1, 9am-noon, at the Sunrise Project, 1501 Learned Ave. for coffee and a community conversation about potential art projects and installations. We will provide information about the project, have breakout sessions to brainstorm, share ideas, and answer questions. Folks interested in serving as jurors, assistants, resident specialists, youth corps members, or artists are also encouraged to attend.

The East Ninth Project Team was hired and began their work in late October. Alex Olson, Development Coordinator at the Lawrence Arts Center is hired to fill the role of Organizational Partner representing the Lawrence Arts Center. KT Walsh and Lane Eisenbart will share the role of Neighborhood Partner. KT is a well known community artist and advocate. Lane is the ELNA Coordinator and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Positive Bright Start. Both are active ELNA members and East Lawrence residents. Mandy Enfield will fill the role of ArtPlace Project Facilitator. Mandy is the Operations Director at Van Go, Inc. in East Lawrence.

With several planning meetings under their belt, the Team is eager to hear from the community and collect feedback to guide future decisions regarding juror selection and project priorities. Because there is a lot of work to do and the process will start moving quickly, all information from Team meetings and community input sessions will be available on the project website for individuals who are unable to attend. We know that transparency and accessibility are essential to this endeavor.

Continuing through “Phase One”, the next action the community can expect to see will be a call for jurors in December. Two more input meetings will follow in early 2019. The full project will cycle thru 3 phases titled Listening, Research, and Pathways, respectively. The description for each portion of the project can be read in the “Rebuilding” document on the website.

Quote: “While the physical plan of the project is scaled back from its original iteration, it will be much more robust in community support, investment, and input. We are so excited to gather everyone together and talk about the future of art on East Ninth.” -Mandy Enfield

For more information on the project visit the website or contact any team members.


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