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Jude wants your Bad Plastic!

Apotheosis -- Jude Black, Youth Corps

I Want Your Bad Plastic! Did you know that some plastic items can’t be recycled easily?

Many of these plastics are smaller than 2 inches and include things like: pill bottles and lids, soda bottle caps, straws, plastic utensils, liquid detergent lids, toothbrushes, etc.

Instead of throwing these items in the trash, please bring them to fill up my bin. You’ll be helping me, Jude Black, collect materials for a sculpture AND you’ll be preserving the environment at the same time.

Bins are located at New York Elementary and the Lawrence Arts Center at this time.

Collection ends March 31st, 2020


Jahnava has a dance performance date!

“Embrace the Change” dance performance by Jahnava Sabilla, youth corps, and her dance crew. Two performances at 10am and Noon, free, in conjunction with LAC’s Free Family Event, at the Lawrence Arts Center, Saturday May 2nd.

Hang 12 needs a location!

Art Box -- Hang 12, Youth Corps

Our team has put together plans for a project to bring art and community to the East Lawrence area through the creation of an Art Box! This concept is similar to the Free Libraries which can be seen all around town, but with the idea of trading art rather than books. Community members can place their art in the secure box while walking by, and take home some art of someone else’s. Our hope is that this could help to put artists in contact with other artists, and overall encourage people to share their creativity, and ideas!

Hang12 now needs YOUR help to find locations! Anyone who owns yard space in East Lawrence (preferably close to a sidewalk or busier street) is encouraged to reach out!

Interested parties can contact Hang12 via email at . All applicants should submit their location by Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020. We will be contacting the selected application on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 and we will set up a meeting time, so you can meet the group! The ArtBox will have an opening on the Final Friday of March, which is the 27th. It will be quite a community driven opening, and we would love for you to be as involved as you like! We are excited to get your email! (PICTURES BELOW)

Watch upcoming news for details about a performance and potluck with LK Ultra, and a bench unveiling from the Central Middle School history club.

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