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15 Projects!

To recap, we now have fifteen Rebuilding East Ninth Together art projects comin’ at cha within the next year.

Original East Ninth artists and projects include:

Nick Carswell, a Community Based music performance and project,

Meridith Moore, a Mysterious Experience

Stephen Johnson, an installation at the Lawrence Arts Center

Zia with an Installation

Research Phase artists and projects are:

Epicenter (East-side People's Intercultural Center) with Homemade, a neighborhood cookbook and food tasting festival. Epicenter members working on this East Ninth grant project are: Leah Evans, Alex Kimball Williams, and Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg & Kelley Hunt with Songs and Stories of East Lawrence, a series of writing, singing, and story mapping workshops, plus a Wild East Lawrence walk, collaborative song-writing, publication of an anthology of our stories, and a book launch concert.

Marlo Angell with Shapes a multi-screen video installation that tells the story of Julio, a fictional longtime East Lawrence resident, and an out of towner named Moira as they meet one fateful morning at The Wishing Bench

​Mike Riggs & Kent Smith with a collaborative, iconic, large-scale sculpture.

​St. Luke AME, facilitated by Oliver Hall and Perrin Blackman, with The Langston Hughes Community Center, the creation of a reading/research space and community events that celebrate the Church, its history, and the neighborhood.

And, the Pathways artists selected are:

Matthew Lord, the East Lawrence Family Tree Project, a community portrait project celebrating East Lawrence families. You can view Matthew's video presentation on the project website.

James Moreno, The Pocho Project a multidisciplinary performance examining narratives surrounding immigration, assimilation, and “cultural gatekeeping,” drawing on stories of Mexican “traqueros” who came to East Lawrence to work on the railroads and make a home. You can view James's video presentation on the project website.

Kaitlin Stanley and Kelly Kindscher with Propagating Place: A Wild & Native Community-Based Learning Garden. This garden will incorporate diverse and intergenerational narratives of wild and native plant use in the area through time. It will be designed and built with East Lawrence youth who will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity in the garden. A website will be constructed and archived that will house the collected stories and artwork. This garden seeks to include as many plant-based narratives as possible and welcomes community input.

Kim Brook and Irene Tsuneta with Yarn it Forward, a community yarn art project to teach and learn about East Lawrence, crocheting, yarn techniques, and social gathering.

Mary Leek Stolz, Samantha Saltz, and Kate Dineen with New York Elementary's 150th Celebration and sculpture

Mona Cliff, Indigenous visual artist, Natives Now; Sharing Native American culture with East Lawrence, collaborative mural with Native American students, public benches with contracted-collaborators Jamakee Blackburn and Steve Spacek, ongoing mini projection events of Native American community members during Lawrence Final Fridays.

You can look forward to seeing invitations for community input sessions, story collection, and more as they plan their work. Watch the East Ninth Team and ELNA news outlets, plus the Rebuilding East Ninth Together Project website,, for details as they emerge.

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