Sponsors, Team

Three partners in the Rebuilding East Ninth Together Project -- click on each for more details: 


Lawrence Arts Center

East Lawrence Neighborhood Association


The East Ninth Team

Project Facilitator, Mandy Enfield



Lawrence Arts Center Coordinator, Alex Olson  LAC East 9th Street Blog 


East Lawrence Coordinators, KT Walsh and Lane Eisenbart

The East Ninth Team meets most Wednesdays, from 6-8pm, in one of the Study Rooms at the Lawrence Public Library. Check our calendar page for specific meeting dates.  If you have something you'd like to tell us, or discuss, please stop by.  You can view our meeting minutes, crafted by Alex (thanks Alex!), as they are available here.  


Richard Renner joined our group in October of 2019 as Youth Corps Coordinator.   You probably recognize Richard from the Lawrence Buskerfest and City PlayCorps and more.You may contact Richard with all your Youth Corps related questions at  

Our Resident Specialists

Charlotte Pessoni

Charlotte Pessoni is a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a gardener, a neighbor, an adventurer, and a retired family counselor.  Charlotte is an artist too, working with textiles, glass, jewelry, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Charlotte’s particular strength as a Resident Specialist lies in her long history in East Lawrence.  She’s lived in eastern Lawrence most of her adult life, and in East Lawrence proper for the last 15 years. Both of Charlotte’s grown children, Erin and Skyler, as well as her two grandchildren, Zulema an Seimoah, live in East Lawrence and attend New York School.  Charlotte loves the East Side’s “history and devotion to art and the weird.” If you’d like to chat with Charlotte, you can look up her contact information here.


Marty Olson

Marty Olson was a resident of East Lawrence for 32 years, 1981 to 2013.  He’s been owner and operator of an East Lawrence business -- Do’s Deluxe at 416 E 9th -- for the last 23 years.  Marty, a musician and multimedia artist himself, as well as a master hair stylist and colorist, was one of the first local business owners (certainly the first on E 9th) to utilize his retail space as a gallery space for artists to show their work.  Former Phoenix Award winner and LGBTQIA advocate, Marty reportedly looks great in a kimono. If you’d like to talk with Marty about your potential East Ninth art project, you can find his contact information here.

Janet Good

Janet Good stands about five foot nothing, but don’t let her diminutive size fool you.  Janet will fight you! Or give you an excellent mom hug, whichever you deserve. Janet is a long time East Lawrence resident, and former two term East Lawrence Neighborhood Association President. She’s currently employed as a financial analyst for the University of Kansas and reveres art and creativity and history. Janet is a loving dog mom, cat mom, and human mom, known to many as a “neighborhood mom” from all the years she had a pool in her backyard open to neighbor kid friends for summer play. Janet has been trying, and largely failing, to get anything to grow in her shady New York Street yard for approximately the last two decades.  If you’d like to get in touch with Janet, look up her contact information here.

Judy Romero

Judy Romero was born and raised in East Lawrence.  She moved away for many years, traveling far and wide, raising her family, and teaching elementary and middle school library. Judy returned to her east side home place to retire and be available to care for her mother and be near her grandchildren.  Judy is the daughter of Ramon and Virginia Romero, descended of the Mexican American immigrants who came to Lawrence from Mexico to work on the Santa Fe Railroad, settling the northern portion of the neighborhood. If you’d like to chat with Judy and tap into her deep and rich knowledge of the history of East Lawrence, look up her contact information here.  

Brenda Nuñez

Brenda Nuñez is a true East Lawrence treasure.  She’s lived in and around East Lawrence for over 70 years, currently residing on New Jersey Street.  Brenda has given her time to various causes over the years including but not limited to the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association, Community Village Lawrence, the Women of Color Mural, the Bus Drivers Union, and many more groups dedicated to the service of women, the poor, and people of color.  Brenda lived and worked through Lawrence’s Civil Rights upheaval of the 1960s, and has stories that will make you clutch your heart, or your pearls, if you’re lucky. Brenda is a mother, a grandmother, and now a great grandmother. She has a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh, and if you’d like to be gifted with a few minutes of her time to talk about your project ideas, you can look up her contact information here.