Listening Session One


Listening Session One was held on Saturday December 1st, 2018, from 9am to noon, at the Sunrise Project Building, 1501 Learnard.  

Agenda Community Meeting Outline

Survey:  If you were unable to attend Listening Session One, you can give your input here.

Responses to the online survey, private info redacted, can be viewed here (updated 2/20).

Feedback from the event:  Our group scribe, Alex, wrote down the highlights of the reports from each table, divided by prompt. That document can be viewed here.  

Video:  You can view the entire listening session, filmed by Nicholas Wardhere.

Notes from each table:  Each table had a scribe.  The notes from those scribes are transcribed here

Also included in each table's materials are "Frankie's Free Association" by young Frankie Johanning and her dad, and "Landscape" by the very young artist, Andrés Valentino Loewenstein. Thanks to Addison Thornsbury for the photos.