East Ninth Artist


Artists and their assistants are required to periodically attend a check-in meeting with the Rebuilding East Ninth Together team. 

Artists and the team, and resident specialists when they can join us, meet in one of the Lawrence Public Library's large meeting rooms, downstairs.  Dates currently scheduled include:

8/21/19, 6-7pm

9/18/19, 6-7pm

10/23/19, 6-7pm

Useful materials will be distributed and discussed at these meetings.  


Items (links to google drive) from meeting 7/24:

Agenda -- from the meeting

Reminder Sheet -- to dos in general, and for the next meeting

Insurance and Taxes -- general information and suggestions


Blank Contract, New & OGs, for your reference


Payment Docs -- required by LAC from artists for payment 


Invoice Sample


Facebook group for East Ninth Artist collaboration

Assistant Application Paper & Web


Sample Release form -- when collecting, for example, personal stories, oral histories, photos, etc


We're recommending that each project create their own website, as a means of documentation.  Here are instructions on how to create a free google site -- 

How to use Google Sites

Archiving your project website --  Community Webs  


ELNA News Outlets -- ways you can get in touch with neighbors to get thier input and/or attendance


If you wish to donate proceeds from your project to an East Lawrence Organization -- Places to Donate